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We Recommend the Best

100 % Pure® offers premium, organic, clean beauty products for healthy skin!   We encourage you to include quality skin and hair care in your health program, and give your skin new vitality!  When you reach their website, kindly accept cookies. 

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We recommend nutrition resources from the world's best nutraceutical company, offering whole food supplements and potent nutrients in their most bioavailable form.  This company produces 80% of their organic ingredients on their own farm! 

Heart Sound Recorder 

The Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) is a computer-based, low risk, general wellness monitor which uses a specialized sensor to observe heart sounds. We graph each of the four valve sounds and provide vital information about your current level of heart health!  

Nutrition Response Testing®

Nutrition Response Testing®(NRT) is a safe, natural and non-invasive system of analyzing the entire body to determine the underlying causes of symptoms and find solutions.

100 % Pure® Skin Care


Make sure your pet can enjoy optimal health! Premium quality whole food veterinary supplements are available for both targeted system support and everyday wellness.  Order here!  We can also use NRT to assist with supplement choices for your pets!

How We Help You


Schedule painless, gentle tests of your body and heart.  We analyze each area and address your concerns.


Receive immediate test results and a precise, personalized nutrition program.  We encourage you to set your personal goals for reclaiming your body's healthy function.


Set your goals and begin your program.  We offer the best resources for optimal support. 


See your practitioner on a regular basis. Regular tests validate your progress and empower you to enjoy restored health!

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