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What is the Heart Sound Recorder?

The Heart Sound Recorder(HSR) is a computer-based wellness monitor which uses a sensor to observe and record heart sounds. The heart’s reaction to certain stressors, (i.e., chemical, nutritional and environmental), can be observed using this device. 

Why use HSR?

The HSR graphs each of the four valves of the heart and gives vital information about the nutritional efficiency of the heart muscle. EKG measures electrical conductivity and HSR measures ventricle efficiency and force of heartbeats.

How will HSR help the heart?

HSR patterns are matched with therapeutic nutritional supplements which have been designed specifically to support those patterns. Subsequent HSR sessions are used to document progress in rate, rhythm, and tone of the cardiac cycle.

What does HSR test?

Certain types of heart stress can be monitored by seeing the RATE, RHYTHM and TONE of the heart cycle on the graph.


Your nervous system controls the RATE at which your heart beats. One side of your nervous system (sympathetic) manages your “fight or flight” response and can accelerate your heart rate. The other side (parasympathetic) manages your “rest and digest” response and can slow your heart rate. You need a healthy balance between the two.



The RHYTHM of your heart should show a specific work to rest ratio on the graph. Your heart should be resting twice as long as it is working. Observations are made to see if your heart is working too hard, or not working hard enough.



The TONE of your heart is referring to the strength of the ventricles as they push blood through your body. The height and the width of the ‘lub dub’ sound your heart makes on the graph, shows how efficiently your heart is pushing blood through your body and refilling to prepare for the next cardiac cycle. 

Sarah is the owner of Enjoy Natural Health Care, and a registered nurse with a bachelor's degree in nursing from Purdue University.  She has worked in medical/surgical care, oncology, OB/GYN, and primary care.  Sarah is professionally trained as an Nutrition Response Testing® practitioner and Heart Sound Recorder practitioner.  Her mission is to use therapeutic nutrition and functional medicine to empower others to thrive.  


Sarah Joy

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