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Welcome to Enjoy Natural Health Care!

  We are your trusted partner in health improvement! 

"We are amazed at the accuracy of NRT and the healing power of whole food supplements! After five months, our perception of 'health care' has become more natural and less pharmaceutical focused, as multiple symptoms have disappeared! It's a game changer!" 

--Jennie and Jeff

Heart Sound Recording

The Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) is a computer-based, low risk, general wellness monitor which uses a specialized sensor to observe heart sounds. We graph each of the four valve sounds and provide vital information about your current level of heart health!


Is your heart toned?  Are you feeding your heart well? How efficient is your heart?  What nutrients are you lacking?  


We can answer these questions!  The heart muscle reflects the overall status of the body's nutrition.  The HSR evaluates the nutritional efficiency of your heart, including rate, rhythm and tone.  We validate improvements in your status with each test!

Nutrition Response Testing ® (NRT)

NRT is a non-invasive, whole body test used to discover insights into the wellness of every organ system.  We evaluate your neurological responses, stressors and nutritional needs, and then find resolutions to symptoms in one easy test!


Have you tried many--often expensive--fixes for your symptoms, with little success?


NRT provides answers. It evaluates your entire body’s needs efficiently and accurately, discovering which health choices will actually help you. This prevents you from wasting time and money on unhelpful treatments, diets, and supplements.

How we help you reach your health goals:

 Non-invasive Testing

First, your practitioner will conduct a painless, gentle test of the body. We analyze each body system and address your concerns.

 Analyze your results

Next, you receive immediate test results. We determine root causes of symptoms and then evaluate which solutions will work for you. 


Design your Program

Then, based on the results of your test, you receive a precise, personalized nutrition program.  You will understand the purpose of each support.  

Implement your Steps

Next, we track your progress and celebrate your successes.  We partner with you to set and meet your health goals!

© 2021 Enjoy Natural Health Care. All Rights Reserved. NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING® is a registered service mark owned by Freddie Ulan. Some information contained on this page is courtesy of Ulan Nutrition Systems and used with permission.  

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